Residential Exterior Security Doors

Residential intruders, thieves or burglars are brazen. At least 35% of them enter through a residence's front door and, once inside, they can burglarize the place in less than ten minutes. By installing a door with added protection, you can upgrade your home’s security to fight this risk, and still have an aesthetically pleasing entryway.

A high-security door is often an overlooked feature. Doors are more than a home’s accessory—they are its safeguard. There are available residential exterior security doors with great curb appeal. You also have the option to upgrade your current door if you know how to install a door. There are hundreds of different security doors to help you find the best fit for your home. Each featured door is kick-proof and a few withstand severe weather conditions.

The key features of a residential exterior security doors are listed below. This should make your front door a stronger barrier against unwelcome criminals.

There should be no glass near the door knob. A persistent burglar will easily smash a window and open the door from the inside.

A security door should be made up of solid material. Never have a residential exterior security doors with a hollow core. The strongest door materials are hardwood and steel. Fiberglass is also appealing because of its price, but it can crack with force.

Strong dead bolt. A quality dead bolt lock is kick-proof and won’t open with a credit card swipe. Your door’s dead bolt should extend through the door frame into your home’s framing.

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